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Students who want to support or join the ISC but are not enrolled at the Medical University of Graz (primary or secondary enrollment) are offered the position of an ambassador.

Contact us via e-mail or social media if you want to become an ambassador!



  • Participation in ISC online meetings

  • Free entrance to the congress

  • Ambassador certificate

  • Receives ISC information material

  • Support to find accommodation during the congress
    (not guaranteed, no financial or legal support is provided by the ISC or any of its members)


Student of some sort (active enrollment, proof required)

Promote the ISC in your home country or at your home institution

Social Media:

  • Posts or share ISC content or information on the social media channels of your university of institute

  • Like and share ISC content

Connect with other student associations in your home country to promote the ISC (e.g. AMSA)

These activities must occur on a regular basis (at least 3 actions per month, 12 actions in total per semester)

Proof for such actions must be provided every semester by the ambassador and submitted to the 'Members and Teambuilding' Team.

Put up advertises for the ISC at your university/institution (e.g. put up ISC posters)

Engage with peers at your university/institution to promote the ISC and promote participation



Benefits will only be granted when sufficient proof of required actions has been provided. The ISC reserves the right to end ambassadorships unilaterally and requires former ambassadors to comply with this decision.

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