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Practical triage and haemostatis

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Abdominal sonography

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Symptom based diagnosis

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Doctor Taking Notes

Surgical Skills Course

During this workshop you will be able to learn and enhance your suturing skills by practicing a variety of techniques ranging from basics like surgeon’s knot to simple interrupted suture to more advanced ones like back-and-forth sutures.

Moreover, the workshop will offer you the opportunity to learn more about laparoscopic surgery. The session will consist of basics about the technical background of laparoscopic cameras with its correct guidance during such surgeries and taking part in a game of skill. You can practice your laparoscopic skills with the help of the LapSim simulator, which enables performing simulation exercises ranging from basic skills like navigation to suturing to surgical procedures like appendectomy or VATS lobectomy.

The whole session will be guided by a surgeon explaining and demonstrating the techniques and giving personal instructions and guidance, so you will never have to feel overwhelmed during your studies and can ask as many questions as you wish. At the end of the day, you will take with you the basic knowledge and skills needed to enhance your future level of surgical abilities by an extent!

This precourse is a pre-congress event taking place on June 15th 2022!

map pre-congress event

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Motivational interviewing

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a counseling approach that helps people find the motivation to make a positive behavior change if they have mixed feeling about changing their behaviour. This precourse teaches you the basics of MI. 



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Medicine in space

Did you ever wonder, what happens with the human body in space? Do you know, how much common is between an astronaut and your grandparents? In this workshop aspects related to spaceflight physiology, aging and

medicine will be presented in a form of lecture. Prof Goswami will clarify these aspects and show the laboratory of Gravitational Physiology Aging and Medicine

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