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Doctoral programs at the MUG

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Notebook and Pen

Science communication

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Petri Dishes

Mental training

Performance under stress

- Mindset Training 


Professional athletes not just train their muscles, they also train their mind so they'll before able to perform under pressure. 

In this workshop we will discuss this strageties so you'll perform well on orm your best during your medical studies and in your future medical career - without getting to stressed out.

Support Group Meeting

Ready for nightshift - x ray interpretation

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X-Ray Results

HIV - still a worldwide challenge

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Spotting science

SpottingScience - Science of your daily life explained in easy words and pictures 

Sometimes scientific and medical aspects are difficult to understand but need to be explained. 

The workshop will give you tools how to simplify and explain those phenomena to non-experts. 


Test Tubes

Mental health

more information will soon be released

Friendly Conversation

Basic Principles of Good Scientific Practice/scientific misconduct

This workshop is designed to introduce students into THE cornerstone of any career in research: the basic principles of Good Scientific Practice. Learn about the internationally accepted standards and why it is so important to internalize them in any research team’s daily work. The workshop will also give examples of practices which are considered breaches of Good Scientific Science.

Wissenschaftler am Computer
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