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Case Reports

Guideline for Structuring a Case Report

1. Abstract

Summarize the case, problem addressed, and conveyed message.

Keep it concise, preferably under 150 words.

2. Introduction

Provide a brief overview of the problem addressed. Cite relevant literature when necessary. Conclude with a single sentence describing the patient and their condition.

3. Case

- Patient Description

- Case History

- Physical Examination Results

- Results of Pathological Tests and Investigations

- Treatment Plan

- Expected Outcome

- Actual Outcome

- Include all relevant details while excluding unnecessary ones.

4. Discussion

Expand on the introduction, emphasizing why the case is noteworthy.

Summarize existing literature on the topic.

Connect the case report to existing literature, explaining its significance.

Discuss implications for future clinical practice.

5. Conclusion

Provide key points covered in the case report.

Offer suggestions and recommendations to clinicians, teachers, or researchers. Optionally, can be the concluding paragraph of the Discussion section.

6. Patient Consent

Obtain written consent from the patient before writing the report. If the patient is a minor, obtain parental consent. For adults unable to consent, obtain consent from closest family members. Ensure patient anonymity; do not disclose any information revealing their identity. Be cautious with pictures to safeguard patient identity.

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